The Kashmir Valley

Situated in the north of India, on the border with Pakistan, the Kashmir Valley is a fertile region enclosed by high snow-capped mountains. In centuries past, the Mughal rulers of India retreated from the heat of the plains in summer, to the cool green heights of Kashmir, building some of the finest gardens and developing beautiful Islamic influenced artifacts.

The Kashmir Valley

The people of Kashmir, proud of their heritage weave the Valley’s extraordinary beauty of mountain, lake, forest and glade into their traditional works of art.

The India Room

Step into the India Room to choose from our sumptuous selection of luxurious scarves and cushion covers. Designs blend the Kashmiri of times gone by with a modern twist. Our products are made using traditional techniques such as small loom weaving and hand woven chain stitch. All are ethically sourced direct from producers in Kashmir.

We hope that you’ll become regular visitors to the India Room as you come to enjoy the Kashmir experience just as much as we do.